About Little Einstein Academy

Where Learning=fun^2

We are continuing the State instituted VPK Program that began in 1995. The Voluntary Pre-Kindergarten program
allows parents to enroll their Pre-K child in a State Certified school and the State will pay for a specified amount of schooling.
VPK full time children (extended day) will pay the regular weekly tuition fee during the dates when there is no schedule VPK program.

To guide your child's wholesome development, our teachers have a love for children, their CDA and/or college credits in the
field of Early Childhood Education, experience, and the ability to relate positively to the children and adults. All of our teachers
have been appropriately screened and their training is continually upgraded.


  • Watch me grow webcam in each classroom
  • Low teacher to student ratios
  • Air-Zone Ozone generator kills viruses, bacteria, mold, and keeps air fresh
  • 2nd child discount
  • Follow Houghton Mifflin Curriculum
  • Home type setting
  • Cozy Environment
  • Nurturing staff

Kindergarten Readiness:

  • We are VPK tested 100% for Kindergarten Readiness!
  • Click here to visit the Florida Department of Eduction Kindergarten Readiness rate website


  • Registration Fee $75 per year, Nonrefundable
  • Nonrefundable Supply Fee $70 per year


Our Prices

Age  Five-day, Full-day program  Three-day, Full day program Two-Day, Full day program
Infants $200 $170 $150
Ones $180 $155 $135
Twos $170 $150 $130
Threes $160 $145 $125
Fours $155 $135