Mission Statement

L.E.A. views each child as a unique individual and one to be respected for that uniqueness. LEA offers an environment which allows for the natural unfolding of the child and builds a foundation for lifelong learning. Through low teacher to child ratios and a carefully prepared environment and curriculum, the child is exposed to a variety of experiences and materials. Each is designed to nurture the child's absorbent mind and foster his total development. LEA provides an interdisciplinary manipulative-oriented experience which facilitates independence, self-confidence, self-learning, and respect. Each program offers a unique meshing of learning styles which keeps pace with the individual educational needs of the child in today's society.

At LEA, classrooms are designed to give your child access to:
- Language develpment
- Literacy
- Social & Emotional development
- Cognitive development
(math, science, creative arts)
The building blocks
LEA incorporates the building blocks for early literacy:
- Language development
- Book knowledge and appreciation - Phonological awareness
- Alphabet recognition
- Print awareness
- Early writing
To guide your child's wholesome development, our teachers have a love for children, their CDA and/or college credits in the field of Early Childhood Education, experience, and the ability to relate positively to the children and adults.